how it works

How it Works

Well, hello there. Now that we’ve broken the ice, let’s get to the good stuff. The way we see it, you’re here for one of three reasons:

1) You’re logging in...Go on in! Connections are waiting to happen.

2) You’ve been dropped a FlipMe card…congrats! what are ya waiting for? Register for free and connect!

3) You’re intrigued…and want to learn about the latest way to flirt…go on then, get to know us…that’s what FlipMe specializes in.

Think of us as your quick thinking wing-woman. You get 30 cards, each with a code unique to you that lets the lucky recipient view your profile. No one gets access unless you give them a card, and no one gets to see your personal information.

See someone you like…send us in! That’s what we’re here for.

The way we see it, FlipMe doesn’t just flip the roles ­– putting you in charge – it flips that switch in your head that says, “go for it."