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November 2011

Gifts for all the guys in your life…

Boys are hard to shop for. You can't buy them jewelry, they don't appreciate clothes, and every video game worth having they buy the moment it's released. So while it's always nice to have a boy to cuddle up with during the chilly holiday season, it can make your gift shopping extra challenging... 
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Look Hot without Going Broke

If you're like me, holiday parties and gatherings will have you frantically trying to schedule your wardrobe so as not to risk wearing the same outfit in front of the same people. Someday, I hope to be one of those people who can wear a NEW dress to every single, glamorous event I am invited too. But for now, I am a girl on a budget and will settle for no one looking at me sideways and going, "Didn't you wear that yesterday?"
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Don’t let the holidays have you looking down.

It's that time of year again. The time when travelling, drinking, over-eating, and insane amounts of stress can have you looking run-down and exhausted when you should be looking your prettiest. Luckily, DailyCandy has a list of 26 products to perk up your looks quick! Tackle everything from Thanksgiving stuffing overload to over-tired puffy eyes, so you'll always be looking your best in those holiday pics.

What would make you walk away from a relationship?

We've all known a couple like this: He cheats, he drinks, he treats her badly, or what-have-you but she stays with him... until one day, something seemingly innocuous happens and she bails. Why? If she stayed through infidelity, why would she leave over something trivial? When you pause and think about it, it seems utterly ridiculous and illogical. And yet, almost everyone has had a friend--or been in a relationship herself-- like that. I know I have and to this day, I really couldn't tell you why I stayed. I dated a guy for almost four years that treated me badly despite the fact that my friends and family all disliked him and thought I could do better. What finally ended our relationship was a pretty trivial dispute when compared with a lot of other things. So why do we continue to stay through all the bad things only to leave over something comparatively small? 

Who wouldn’t want to be the lucky girl on Aziz Ansari’s perfect date?

Aziz Ansari, also known as Tom Haverford-- the genius behind Entertainment 720 on NBC's Parks and Recreation, recently shared some dating secrets with People Magazine. For instance, his sexiest quality is his soft, black hair. Seriously, it's really soft. And his perfect date involves your favorite restaurant, some candles, a burning car, and a bag of marshmallows. Sign us up.

Someone finally came up with a reason why women fake orgasms

In our experience, most women think faking orgasms is stupid. Seriously, it's just illogical. Faking an orgasm is like rewarding negative behaviors. The more you do it, the more the guy you are sleeping with is going to think that he's just super awesome at life and he's going to stop trying to think of ways to make you feel good in bed because you've convinced him that he has mastered that.
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