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Are you pro or con NYE dress?

New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly the one night of the year that women seem to go big or go home when it comes to their attire. Even if you’re simply attending a New Year’s bash at one of your regular spots, the dress code gets amped up. But are you on board with this trend or do you think it’s ridiculous?

One of the girls at The Gloss has decided to take a stand against the typical New Years Eve dress… sequins and all. She wants to relegate all the mini tube dresses and sequins back to the realm of reality TV where they belong. To which I say, “here here!”

But I only agree with her to an extent.

I will be the first to admit that wearing a sleeveless dress in the middle of winter defies most logic, but I generally pair mine with tights and a nice, warm coat for braving the elements. I also disagree that sequins are universally tacky. As with most things, sequins can be classy and gorgeous if done correctly. By that I mean, if you stop shopping for dresses that might also be shirts in Forever 21. If you decide to hit up a real, grown-up store for your NYE outfit, you’ll find any number of classy and tasteful but still festive options for your reveling.

I’m pro New Year’s Eve dresses because I’m pro having one night of the year when everyone goes all out. It’s fun to get dressed up and be festive! Especially if you don’t do it on a regular basis. If you’re not the mini tube dress type, then don’t wear one. I certainly won’t be. But you can bet your ass I’ll have sequins on.