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Confidence vs. Cockiness

Confidence is hot, but when does it cross the line and become a turn off?

A recent post on one of our favorite sites, The Frisky, detailed the writer’s encounter with a guy who suffered from ridiculously low self esteem – Dealbreaker: He Had Low Self-Esteem. The article got us thinking though, how low is too low, but also, how high is too high? 

I once when on a date with a guy who thought that he was God’s gift to not only women, but the rest of the world as well. He needed no one to tell him how good looking he was, because he told himself so all day, every day. His body was beyond perfection in his opinion, and he also thought that he was super smart. In all honesty, he was a very good looking guy with a great body and a degree from Wharton. So at first, the confidence he exuded was hot! For at least the first 10 minutes.

Guys, listen up. We want you to know who you are and what you have to offer, but we don’t want to be constantly reminded just how aware you are of your positive attributes. Let us discover the things about you that gets our heart pumping and let us tell you about those things. It’s a win win.