So this happened…

letter An unknown lady in the New York area recently had a date, which she described as "HORRIFIC" with an investment manager (he's made his family millions!) and this is what followed. Read the whole thing. It's worth it. I mean, she played with her hair! They made eye-contact! They both like classical music! And as he pointed out, "we've both very intelligent."  How could that not have been true love in the making? She obviously led him on, what with being 32 and all. This poor guy. He so obviously wanted it to work. He even tries to make their potential relationship sound so appealing by promising it'll fit right in with her busy schedule so well that she won't even notice. I mean, isn't that all we are looking for in new relationships? Ones that are so innocuous we don't even notice that they're there? As amusing as this little gem of schadenfreude is, this might be my nightmare. A bad date that won't end but instead persists through poorly written e-mails that are trying to make me feel guilty for dodging phone calls and "leading him on."          

What’s the weirdest date you’ve ever been on?

Amanda Chatel at the Gloss just shared the story of one of the weirdest dates she's ever been on. Let's just say, it involved a guy who loved Death Cab, hot dogs, head-butting, and a brown couch. While we've all been on some weird dates over the years, hers probably wins the title of "Weirdest/Worst."  Personally, I don't think weird is necessarily bad. I've been on some weird dates that ended up being kind of awesome. But in Amanda's case, weird was definitely code for seriously awful. So, tell us, what's the weirdest date you've ever been on? And was it good weird or bad weird?    

What does the day of the week of your date say about him?

Boy, that title was a mouthful. Anyway, today in “How to overanalyze every detail of your relationships and/or general interactions with guys,” let’s talk about what the day of the week he takes you out means. The girls at DivineCaroline has compiled a handy guide to decipher the meaning of a date on each respective day of the week… covering everything from the Monday night “Bargain Date” to the Saturday night “Be-My-Next-Girlfriend Date.” 
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