Single on Valentine’s Day? Don’t Sweat It – Make Cupid Jealous with 5 Survival Tips!

1. It’s all about you – Fall in love yourself on Valentine’s Day! Realize that you are phenomenal on your own, and reward yourself for it. Book a spa day, plan a vacation with friends - pamper yourself! 2. Get out of the house – The worst way to spend Valentine’s Day single is home on your couch watching The Notebook. Head out with your single friends and do something fun and active like night skiing, ping pong, or yoga class. 3. Stay positive – you may find yourself muttering snarky quips about your attached friends under your breath, but lets try and stay positive. Maybe stay off Facebook today... 4. Be proactive – it’s never too soon to work on finding a date for next year! Make a resolution to open yourself up to meeting people, whether it be online or offline. Become a participator, join a club or a group that interests you. 5. Play FlipMe - anti–Valentine's Day thoughts are thrown of out of the window when you gather with your single gal pals and hit the town equipped with a savvy way to flirt! Simply stock up on sexy, sweet and sassy-statement cards, find a prospective mate and FLIP them as an invitation to meet online.